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To all visitors from the Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China and Vietnam, we extend our warmest welcome to you.

Our site is intended to assist singles from the Philippines, Australia, and other countries who are searching for ways to find a soulmate. There has been a huge rise in Australians marrying Filipinos and living together in Australia. For this reason, we will be publishing everything you need to know to enable you to progress your plans.

The information published here may be useful to Australians who are in a relationship with someone from the Philippines, and it may also be of interest to some Western men who are disenchanted with the availability of a traditional marriage partner from a Western country.

Women in Europe, the US, and Oceania have discarded traditions so much that these changes have made marriage in the West an uninviting prospect for many men.

The information to be found here, is also applicable to the LGBT community, as many of them are also not finding the type of traditional partner they were hoping for.

We are not disparaging Western women, but we do wish to reflect societal trends and demonstrate that there are alternative options for people in the West who are looking for traditional marriages that are not an option in their own country.

We are not a dating site. We don’t match people or provide introductions. Our mission is to provide help, information, and advice for people who are looking for a Philippine partner with an intention to marry. We only provide information to enable single people to find a suitable marriage partner from another country.

Our principle function is to introduce you to the sweet-natured character of Filipinas. (We also cater to same-sex, LGBT people looking for a serious partner to marry.)
Compared with Western women, Filipinas are intelligent, elegant, patient, shy, sweet-natured, loving, affectionate and sensitive. They know how hard it is to find a good, reliable husband, so they value it greatly when they can find a good one. Filipinas are therefore the perfect choice to consider as a long-term partner.

Select a Filipina to share your life with and you will be rewarded with respect, love, and dedication. All the support and caring you provide for her will be paid back tenfold.

Thoughts on dating a Filipino:

A. Filipinas are naturally romantic, but take note that public displays of affection (PDA) will be frowned upon and initially, when going on a date, she will be chaperoned by family members. You will require patience as you cannot be alone with her until she is certain of your honourable intentions. (These conventions may not necessarily apply to same-sex relationships).

B. Respectable women will only be interested in dating a man whose intention is to progress a relationship to eventual marriage. In general, casual relationships are unacceptable in Filipino society. Good manners and polite and courteous behaviour will be noticed. The family will observe you for signs that you are decent and honourable.

C. You will have to meet the family and her parents early on in the relationship. Engagement and marriage will require the parents’ approval. This is unlikely to be an impediment as long as you’re a decent person, honest and solvent. After marriage, she will most likely want to have children with you, as families and children are very important to Filipinos. It is a cultural norm that children will take care of elder family members. So take time to discuss with her your views on parenting.

D. Religion plays an important part in the lives of Filipinos. Do not argue, compare, or mock their country, people, religion, or traditions.
Filipinos love Western culture, but they also stick rigidly to their own culture. Understanding this and making kind gestures will help to make progress in your relationship.

If you’re looking for a life partner, you’ll probably want to know where the best places to meet Philippine women are? And, what is the best way to go about dating them?
You may already be in an online relationship. In that case, you will probably want to progress that friendship with your contact to a meeting in person and eventually to marriage.

We will show you on this page the social protocols and conventions you will need to understand in order to have success in your marriage quest.

Where to meet Filipinos:

There are a great many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, social gatherings, shopping malls, and clubs available to you in order to meet someone. But these are not the most productive or safest ways to meet a person with the intention of creating a serious relationship.

Talking to people you don’t know in normal life situations is an unacceptable way to find a serious partner. Many shy people also cannot summon up the courage to use these locations to search.

Many Westerners in other countries are also often very busy, or they prefer to meet someone online before taking more serious steps.
If you are a person in one of those categories, then online dating sites maybe the best method for you to choose to progress your search.

Internet dating sites and apps.

As many as 40% of relationships get started online. This then makes it a very credible platform for you to try to match with someone. In particular, for shy and careful people, you will be able to relax and communicate without embarrassment while you are getting to know people.